Florian Piclin

Ergothérapeute spécialisée en rééducation de la main

Occupational therapist specializing in hand and elbow rehabilitation

Hand Therapist

Home made splint for upper limb

Nationality : French

Language : French, English



2020 - 2023

La Tour Hospital, Meyrin (Genève)

Treatment of hand, wrist, elbow and peripherics nerves diseases

Orthotics confection and post-surgical rehabilitation

Sensory rehabilitation

Scares and oedemas treatment


Postural and gestural education

Physical reconditioning


Valdegour Clinic (ELSAN), Nîmes (30 - Gard - FRANCE)

Functional rehabilitation of upper limb

July - November 2019

Sancellemoz Functional Rehabilitation Center (CLINEA), Passy (74 - Haute-Savoie - FRANCE)


Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system

Savings tips of spinal economy

Wheelchair recommendation and installation

2017 - 2019

Nord Basse Terre Hospital at Home (RAINBOW SANTÉ),
Baie-Mahault (971 - Guadeloupe - FRANCE)

Home support and post-hospitalization readaptation

Home adaptation and general rehabilitation

Home palliative care

2016 - 2017

Les Cyprès Functional Rehabilitation Clinic (KORIAN), Montfavet (84 - Vaucluse - FRANCE)

Early neurorehabilitation in rewakening unit

General neurorehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation of upper limb

Savings tips of spinal economy

Postural education and workstation layout


Bourgès Center, Castelnau-le-lez
(34 - Hérault - FRANCE)



Post-graduate formations


Color Code Geneva

Static upper limb splint


Communication with patient and his entourage

Communication in palliative care context


2013 - 2016

Occupational Therapy School of Montpellier (FRANCE)

State Diploma of Occupational Therapist

(Swiss Red Cross recognition in 2020)

2008 - 2010

Advanced Technician’s Certificate - Industrial Product Design - Avignon (FRANCE)

Technical Drawing and engineering office


National Lifeguard and Water Safety Certificate - Avignon (FRANCE)

Team first aid training, water safety and rescue


Florian Piclin, occupational therapist specializing in hand, elbow and shoulder rehabilitation, will receive you for any treatment and bespoke splint.

Diseases :

  • Degenerative joint diseases : arthrosis…
  • Nerve compressions : carpal tunnel, ulnar neuropathy, radial nerve syndrome…
  • Inflammatory pain : De Quervain’s tendinitis, epicondylalgia, epitrochleitis, trigger finger…

Accidents :

Early rehabilitation is the key to successful treatment in order to avoid complications.

  • Hand, wrist, elbow : fracture, sprain, dislocation, nerve damage…
  • Shoulder : rotator cuff, frozen shoulder...

Treatments :

The treatment, after an initial assessment and a careful search for possible etiologies, will be regularly reassessed and adapted. It aims, among other things :

  • Recovery of joint amplitudes
  • Reintegration of the injured segment
  • Treatment of scars and trophic disorders
  • Articular and neurodynamic mobilization of the upper limb
  • Analgesic treatment
  • Physical reconditioning
  • Ergonomics: evaluation of the workstation and daily living activities

The essential :

THE BESPOKE SPLINT : it would be adapted to each patient (conservative treatment, surgery, analgesia, improvement of an amplitude). It is made of thermoplastic and is available immediately.

  • Emergency splint making for accidents: fracture, sprain, tendon injury…
  • Resting splint : arthrosis, carpal tunnel, ulnar neuropathy…
  • Dynamic splint for the recovery of joint amplitudes